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How To Get Spokane Hookups And Laid In Spokane 

The beauty of Spokane and the awesome breweries make it an appealing place to visit. But aside from that, you might be wondering what you are supposed to do to get the ideal Spokane Hookup. Well, no need to waste time traipsing around unproductive spots. The Spokane homework has been done for you thanks to the highlighted best pickup bars, best clubs, and the best hookup spots to meet amazing company and get laid in Spokane every night or day.

Best Sites for Local Hookup

1 AdultFriendFinder logo AdultFriendFinder
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2 MilfFinder logo MilfFinder
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3 BeNaughty logo BeNaughty
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4 Ashley Madison logo Ashley Madison
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5 JerkMate logo JerkMate
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There is also a list of websites to find that Spokane hook up if you don’t want to go out and about. This makes you set for a Spokane adventure and sex, and passion. Now, if you are ready to unleash your inner hookup person, then here you go!

Best Spokane Pick up Bars For Hookups

Here are the best Spokane hookup bars to pick up a hot men and women

Zola Bar

This is a lovely place with a bit of an old theme of upcycled booths made of old tilt-a-whirls and lovely-looking old wooden boat sidings. They hang in an artistic manner on the ceilings, and old doors and windows have been creatively used to separate the spaces giving the occupants privacy. The inviting interior creates a great environment for striking up a conversation while enjoying cool drinks and local talent performing. There is also a romantic outdoor patio with Edison bulbs as illumination to help you set the mood if you are with the hot company.

There is also beautiful live music to dance to and the amazing Happy hour to enjoy. The people in the bar consist of revelers as young as college students to those as old as retirees. With seven nights of live music, that means seven nights of interesting company and getting laid. You can’t enjoy all that great live music, beautiful atmosphere, happy hour and just walk out alone. There are high chances you will meet an interesting person that you want to spend a night or nights of passion with.

Monterey Cafe

Despite the name cafe, it is actually the best bar to meet girls in Spokane. Monterey has this atmosphere that shouts “good time”. It has these amazing beer signs adorning the walls and neon beer lights along with colorful art. The going one at Monterey Cafe are epic, which means you will have numerous opportunities to find sex in Spokane.

The events are as follows:

  • Free Paint Night
  • Jim Beam Wednesday, which is also called Tank Top Wednesday
  • No- Cover UFC games
  • Themed parties featuring free SWAG giveaways.

With the crowds of happy people, you can always pick good company here. All you need to do is visit Monterey one time to know that this is the place to get laid by the hottest girls or men.

Spokane Hookups

No-Li Brewhouse

If you want a taste of winning, then visit this award-winning brewhouse which won the 2016 Large Brewery of The Year award. This bar has put its efforts into offering guests quite the unique craft beer experiences. This is the place to go for not only a good craft beer but it is a place for great Spokane Hookups.

The bar has an indoor and outdoor seating area. However, the outdoor patio is the best for enjoying a beer while overlooking the banks of the Spokane River and eyeing that hot person you want to have the wildest sex with.

No-Li’s featured nightly events, giveaways, and fundraisers make this place so vibrant and full of happy revelers. This is definitely the bar to visit to pick up someone and get laid. One of the best places to get laid in Spokane.

Best Clubs For Finding Hookups In Spokane

There arent many sex clubs in Spokane, but even with the handful existing, you have your chances to shoot your shot with that hot girl or man. The clubs have great loud music, Spokane hot girls, and a great environment to flirt and get laid.

Here are the amazing options to choose from.

The Tiny Tiki Club

This is the place to go if you want to have a taste of the tropics. The Tiny Tiki club is a small Spokane sex club, and it is always full of cute hot girls who love dancing to great music and enjoying the drinks. It is a place to warm up and chat up eager beautiful girls who want to get laid. The best days to visit Tiny Tiki are Fridays and Saturdays because they are the busiest days. There are also weekday events that will also get you mingling with the hot girls for sex in Spokane.

The Pin Club

If you prefer a grungy spot where you can interact with cute hot girls, then the Pin Club is the place. This is a sex club in Dallas where all the rocker chics gather and party night after night as live bands give their best performances. Actually, this is the place where some of the renowned rock bands of Washingtons have had their shows.

You can always check out when a famous band will be playing there, and you can visit the place then because the event will have the place packed with hot rocker chics and men. If you are a rock fan, you will absolutely adore this place and meet girls and guys with who you share a love for this kind of music. If you are not a rock fan, well, you will experience some ringing of the ears for a few hours before you get used to it, but one thing you can be sure about is that you will get laid here.

Best Spokane Spots To Meet Sexy Singles During Daytime

Perhaps you are not a fan of the nightlife and instead prefer to find that hook up in Spokane at those great spots during the day. If this is so, then there are dating spots in Spokane that would really help. These Spokane hookup spots are as follows:

Roast House Coffee

This coffee joint is known for two good things; the best coffee that actually won an award, specifically the Golden Bean Awards in a coffee roaster competition. It is also known as a great place for finding hook ups in Spokane. Crowds of coffee-loving locals throng this place, and that shared interest draws people who need to get laid too. You will enjoy different types of coffee in this lace, including Latin American, Italian, Ethiopian, and French coffees.

This is not just another coffee house but a coffee house with the best social environment where beautiful people meet and share their love for coffee. There is no way you will go home alone once you visit the Roast House Coffee place in Spokane.

HuckleBerry’s Natural Market

This is not just a supermarket but a social place with great potential for hookup in Spokane. It is found east of Cliff/Cannon and is known for its fresh produce and the common grocery store goods. Things like local wines and artisanal cheeses are also stocked.

The best part is that they host customer events to bring people together like the local vendor days, beer tastings, and live music on Saturday nights. This is a store that makes it possible for a community to meet, interact and connect over the wine and cheese. The juice bar is awesome, and you can meet someone interesting there. You can hook up with a hot girl as you eat something delicious at the juice bar.

Post Street Ale House

If you are looking for classy hookups, then you will love this amazing place that can be found in The Davenport Lusso Hotel. This is the epitome of a pre-game hotel bar that is a must-visit before hitting the city. This is a spot that is amazing and vibrant, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The cozy and saloon-style wooden bar with brick-keystone arches and plaster walls gives the air of a VIP lounge.

You will get to sample an amazing collection of wines and craft beers as you check out the hotties around. You will meet travelers passing through Spokane and fun locals. After meeting the person who you want to have passionate sex with, the very convenient rooms at The Davenport will be available for you. Perfect for a one night stand Spokane style or a couple of nights of getting laid.

The Swinging Doors

If you want a place to watch a game, have a beer and check out the hot locals, this is the place. The perfect Spokane casual dating scene. Having been ranked as the best sports bar for almost a decade, this place rocks all the time. If there is a place in Spokane where finding hookups or an easy lay is a sure bet, then this is the place. You can watch the awesome games on one of their many big screens.

There is a full bar where you can have a drink as you look at the potential hookups. The crowd is filled with young students from Whitworth and Gonzaga Universities who love coming here to watch college sports. Get your dinner at the nearby Down River Grill eatery, and then come for your drinks and a live game onscreen at The Swinging Doors. The crowd is made up of students, but it is also diverse, which makes it easy to find the right hookup. The Swinging Doors is lovely for an afternoon of mingling and fun with hot guys and hot chicks in Spokane. Definitely, an ideal place to find that hookup.

Meet Sexy Spokane Singles

Best Online Sites Or Apps To find Hookups In Spokane

If you want to find Spokane hook ups by online means, there are some dating sites Spokane residents frequently use that will link you up with like-minded hotties in Spokane. The hookup sites Spokane locals commonly use are as follows:


If you are looking for a one-night stand or something long-term or short-term, Tinder has your needs sorted because it is one of the best dating sites in Spokane, and with good reasons. There are plenty of lonely women in Spokane signed up on Tinder who want to hook up. Just have a good profile up, complete with a lovely picture of yourself and a catching bio description. You must be witty and conversational, along with great flirting skills. This is the only way you will get people interested in you on Tinder. However, make it clear that you are interested in hookups or quick flings, and chances are you will get numerous responses.

ATF (Adult Friend Finder)

If you are tired of those dating sites that take too much of your time with little results, then you are going to love AFF. The site has millions of active users ready for a hookup. It is one of the free hookup sites Spokane locals use. This makes it a widely preferred platform for people who love a resourceful hookup platform.

For guys, AFF is very convenient, thanks to the wide array of hot women eager to hook up and have the wildest fun. If you happen to be more than 30 years of age and have tried finding hook ups in Spokane through Tinder with zero success, this platform might be the best option for you because there is a wider age range of active users with the full intention of getting laid in Spokane.

This is a Spokane casual sex platform that has been around for a long time, which means they know just how to run a hookup platform. No fake profiles, just specify the hookup location, which in this case is Spokane, and you will find several perfect matches. This is one of the best Spokane dating websites.

Best Hotels To Get Laid In Spokane

As you visit Spokane, you may want to find hotels that are accommodative or where to get laid in Spokane. Well, there is a good list of the best hotels in Spokane that offer great service and a wonderful environment that will make getting laid worth it. Here are the best places to get laid in Spokane:

  • The Davenport Tower
  • The DoubleTree
  • Centennial Hotel
  • Ruby River Hotel
  • Quality Inn Oakwood
  • Hampton Inn and Others

Best Tips For Getting Laid In Spokane

There are numerous opportunities for cheap sex in Spokane. Well, even if that is so, there are a few things you should look out for in efforts to experience sex in Spokane.

  • It is important to set the mood first when you meet an interesting person instead of hurrying to get the room first. Talk, share laughter, have a few drinks, and get to know your date first, it will make the sex more interesting.
  • Always look attractive because how you look should turn on the other person and make them want to tear your clothes off and hit the sack right away. You must smell good, shave well, have clean hair and clothes, and look generally attractive. This makes you stand out and be noticeable.
  • Respect the boundaries of the other person. If your one-night stand doesn’t want to tell you anything about themselves, then don’t pester them and don’t volunteer any information either. You are both out there to get your needs met, and that is it. Instead, be the fun person you should be and make sure you both have great sex.


Spokane is a wonderful place for hookups, thanks to the available and resourceful Spokane date spots. With the bars, countless horny women in Spokane, amazing date spots, and cool clubs, you will no doubt connect with the best hookups. Keep in mind the best places to visit as highlighted above and the useful tips, not forgetting the best hotels to get laid in. Spokane is a place full of promise.


Is Spokane A Safe Place For Hooking Up? 

Yes, Spokane is a safe place for hooking up, thanks to the good number of date spots. However, it is up to you to observe the basic safety precautions expected of you, especially if the place you are visiting is new to you. 

What Are The Girls in Spokane Like? 

The girls in Spokane are beautiful, hot, and fun-loving individuals who are easy to hang out with. 

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Laid In Spokane?

Your getting laid will depend on how often you visit the sex clubs and date spots and how interactive you are with potential hookups.

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