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The issue of one-night dating is quite actual nowadays, and there are platforms that try to help people in finding casual partners, no matter their race, sexual orientation, or interests. Loveaholics is one of them and this platform really worthwhile. Different means of searching and acquainting which are quite modern, make the process of using the site even more effective. However, you should take into account that it is not for free. 

All specter of functions as well as prices you can get to know from this full Loveaholics review. 

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Pros and Cons


  • The services are modern and useful 
  • The design is nice
  • There is a 3-Day Trial 
  • For all sexual orientations 


  • The site is pay-to-use 
  • Males prevails on the site
  • Registration through Facebook is unavailable at a Glance 

When you visit Loveaholics, you can come to the conclusion that there is nothing special in it. To tell you the truth, there really are no so many peculiarities that could make the site a rare phenomenon. However, it is not an obstacle for the site to be popular. Its design is quite nice, and the interface is very user-friendly. Therefore, every visitor could be pleased with the way the site is organized and should not face any difficulties while using it. However, you will be disappointed if you expect the site to have the luxurious and highest level of progress services because Loveaholics is made for the masses and has average quality. 

What Is Loveaholics?

Loveaholics is a modern dating site. The main aim of this platform is to diversify people’s sexual life. And you know that the truth about Loveaholics is that it doesn’t specialize in a certain sexual orientation but supports people with all their interests. 

This site is for those who don’t interested in serious relationships and dramatic scenes but want to provide themselves with partners for regular or one-time hookups. Almost everyone on the site understands this moment and it is quite convenient that you shouldn’t spend much time on courtship and foreplay. Luckily, the site has an excellent ability to find people located near you.

How Does Loveaholics Work?

The work process of Loveaholics is also rather typical. You can even not pay attention to this section of the article if you have already experienced using dating services because all of them have many common features. 

The dating process on Loveaholics consists of registration, searching for a partner, and communicating. It depends on you, who you will communicate with, and how many dates you will make. While the administration’s role is to secure you from fraudsters and help you with the site’s organization questions. On a note, many various means of communication can help you to make the process more exciting.

Sign Up 

Registration is an essential part of using the platform. Without Loveaholics login you can do nothing on the site. Moreover, registration is very easy, so don’t be so lazy and take a few minutes for it on the site if you are really interested in finding hookups’ partners. You will need to answer a few simple questions about your full name, gender, sexual orientation, and so on. All of them are impossible to avoid and you would better answer honestly. 

Also, you can edit your profile after registration. This process includes uploading photos and writing about you and your interests. 

Search & Profile Quality 

Searching is the next thing you will do on the site. It is a fast process, as well. You can rely on the site’s compilations made especially for you which are based on your common interests and preferences. Or, if you choose more detailed searching, then you will get access to the special filters that can help you to find exactly who you want. This way is more effective if you have a certain image of a lady you want to date. And the profiles of ladies are quite detailed and informative.


Another important issue for site users is safety. Nobody wants to be robbed by scammers. And to tell you the truth, these scammers are quite clever and difficult to see through. But despite all difficulties, the site’s administration tries to avoid you to face them. It takes different measures like Privacy Policy, control of the site users’ actions, and encryption system. Furthermore, you can report on the suspicious profiles by yourself or block those users who are too obsessive. 

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Help & Support

Also, nobody secured from being in uncertain situations. And a good decision when you have difficulties is to ask for help from professionals. Luckily, Loveaholics gives you this opportunity. Therefore, it is wise to ask for help when you faced difficulties connected with site usage. Support Team answers quickly, and it is available 24/7. Therefore, you can be sure that in case of problems connected with the site’s organization, you won’t be alone. 

A good alternative for those who are too shy to write to the Support Team is reading different Loveaholics dating site reviews where it is possible to find useful information. 

Prices & Plans

You already know that the Loveaholics dating site is not free of charge. And the cost of the site services is better to know before you start using it. 

You should know that for the site using, you should buy a monthly subscription. And it is more beneficial to buy the subscription for a longer period: 

  • 3 month costs $41.40
  • 6 months cost $69.30
  • 12 months cost $111.60

Final Verdict

All in all, Loveaholics is a great dating service that allows people to escape lonely evenings and find more interesting one-night amusements. But who knows? Maybe your hookups would become something more serious, and you even find love on the site. 

This is a good multifunctional platform that even has a mobile app to provide you with more convenience. Though many services on the site are quite typical, they are useful and can lead you to the achievement of your goal.

If you interested in the Loveaholics platform and want to know more, then you can also read some other reviews.


Is Loveaholics safe?

It should be noted that Loveaholics is quite a secure dating site. The administration does a lot to protect your personal information and also the site administration takes measures to get rid of the majority of the fraudsters on the site.

Is Loveaholics a real dating site?

There is no doubt in the fact that Loveaholics is not a scam. It is a site with big experience in the dating sphere and international popularity. And there is no point for Loveaholics to lie to its members and this way spoil the reputation. 

How many members does have?

Loveaholics is a quite frequently visited dating site. Though it has many more boys than girls, an enormous number of members therein are from the USA, and the number of weekly visits is also huge. 

Is Loveaholics good?

Well, Loveaholics can be named a good dating site. Furthermore, it worth visiting and paying for its services. The quality of services is no worse than on the other platforms, and the searching system is quite modern. 

How to use Loveaholics?

There is no difficulty in using Loveaholics. It is a simple service. Especially for those, who have experience of using the Internet. You start with registration where every field is signed so that you can easily figure it out. Then you pass through searching where you can use different filter parameters. And the last stage is communicating with likable people where you can arrange real meetings for hookups. 

Is Loveaholics legit?

Loveaholics is undoubtedly the dating service that strives to be legit. Its owner is a respectable company so that they are aimed to be a legitimate company in every moment. 

Can I use anonymously?

It is impossible to use the site Anonymously or hide your personality. It is an essential measure to prevent scams and fraud. Everything is open on the site as well as people's profiles. But you shouldn't worry because all your data is only on the site users’ access. 

How can I delete my profile?

To delete your Loveaholics profile, you can go to the settings and make there your page invisible. An alternative way is to delete all the information your profile contains, including name and location. 

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