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Since childhood, you have felt special and tried to understand why. You didn’t like the standard activities for girls: dolls, dresses, cooking in the kitchen, etc. You much more enjoyed spending time with your boyfriends, playing football, being active, etc. In college, things got even more interesting because you started paying attention to your classmates. And even began to think about a relationship with another girl. But at that time, it was more difficult than it is now. Lesbians and gays were not full members of society. But the main thing is that your parents helped you and supported your choice.

And today, everything has become even more convenient because modern technologies help us. After all, you can choose some kind of hookup site or a serious dating site (it all depends on your goals), register, and start chatting with like-minded people. Thanks to such services, representatives of sexual minorities can quickly find a soul mate. It is only important to choose a quality website that has all the necessary advantages.

Therefore, we decided to tell you about what is This company started almost ten years ago (in 2013). At first, it was a small platform that offered online communication for lesbians. The main advantages of a dating site are safety and convenience. All this, together with concern for users, helped to win a leading position in the segment. Today, over a million lesbians are clients of Her dating website. And our review tells what is interesting for you in this company.

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How Does Her Work?

The first thing you need to know is the basic principles of the company and how it works. The service uses a standard approach. But this approach is also convenient and efficient. The first step for Her member is to register on the site. This option is free and available to all adult users.

After that, the client gets access to important functions, such as a search tool. The program was designed specifically to increase efficiency. The participant has access to a large number of different options and filters. A woman can indicate those parameters of a partner that are most important to her. The search algorithm on Her site considers not only appearance but also character traits and other features.

The program shows the best matches, and the client can view the profiles of other members. Now it’s time to start communicating with the lady you like. The service offers a large number of options and, most importantly, the ability to send messages for free. You can chat online for a long time and ask them out when you’re ready for the next step.

How to Create Her Account

An important option available to Her users is to create an account. In the review, we give useful tips – fill out the profile as much as possible and provide all the necessary information to other users. After all, this way, the participants will be able to learn more about you. Moreover, high-quality profiles attract more attention and have an increased ranking in search.

We recommend making your profile as attractive and interesting as possible. Add here photos that best show your character. Tell us about your interests, habits, life values ​​, and how you see the ideal relationship. Now, other users will be able to write first if they like you. So your path to harmonious relationships will be more pleasant and effective.

HER features

Main Features of Her

Well, now you know how does Her work. This is a highly effective service that allows lesbians to quickly find a partner. Moreover, the company also offers customers important additional features that make a cooperation with the dating service more enjoyable.

  • Meet. An important feature of the service. On the site, you can find profiles of different participants that suit you by age and city of residence. It remains only to swipe (reject or agree). And mutual coincidence will allow you to start communication.
  • Feed. Another quality option is Her dating site. It allows you to communicate with other participants in real-time. The user likes and comments on the post. Activity in this direction increases the visibility of the account.
  • Events. The client has access to the feed, where upcoming events are published. Here you will find information about future concerts, music festivals, picnics, and other shows for the LGBT community. This is a great opportunity to chat with like-minded people offline or invite your online partner to have a good time.

Using special offers from the company allows you to act efficiently and efficiently.

What Is the Sign-Up Process?

To understand how a dating site works and learn about its benefits, you need to become a client of the company. Her sign up process is convenient and free for all adult users. In our review, we will give detailed instructions. All you need to do is take a few steps.

  1. In order to open Her account, you need to visit the official website of the company and click on the registration button at the top of the page.
  2. Now, you will need to fill in a special menu indicating your personal data (name, city of birth, age, username and password, Facebook or Instagram profile).
  3. Also, you must agree with the rules of the company. Another important tip of our review is to carefully read all service documents (“Terms & Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, “Refund Policy”). In this case, you will learn a lot of useful information about the responsibility of the company and will be able to avoid mistakes.
  4. Follow the link to complete the registration process.

Congratulations, now you are a new client of the company, and you can find out what is Her from your own experience.

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Her Dating: Pros and Cons

To answer the question, “is Her good” it is necessary to analyze all the advantages and features of the company. Careful analysis of each factor can take a long time. We tried to make everything as convenient as possible – in this section of the review, we have compiled a list of all the important features of the company.


  • The dating site is one of the most popular for the LGBT community. Today, over a million lesbians are registered here;
  • Convenient and high-quality Her app works perfectly with modern iOS and Android mobile devices;
  • The page has a nice design and high-quality functionality, understandable even to inexperienced users;
  • The company has all the necessary licenses. It is officially registered in the USA and operates according to local laws;
  • Many active users who visit the page almost every day;
  • Qualitative search algorithm, considering the place and appearance of the partner;
  • Excellent reputation (on the Internet, we met a lot of positive Her reviews from real users);
  • Many lesbians have already found love thanks to this dating site.


  • Registration only through Facebook or Instagram;
  • Poor for people who are looking for sex without commitment.

Is Her Legit?

In our review, we try to answer all the important questions. Including “is Her legit and safe”. The company is legal and officially registered in the United States. The official address is 2101 Pacific Avenue, apt. 401, San Francisco, California, 94115. This means that the service has all the necessary documents and licenses for the right to work in the United States and in other countries. All user rights are protected by local law. Detailed information can be found in the service documents (“Terms & Conditions”, “Refund Policy”). So, you can be sure that you are working with a legitimate company.

Moreover, Her website does everything to make the company’s customers feel maximum comfort. For example, on the page, there is a section with answers to frequently asked questions. Also, the user can contact the security service at any moment. Company employees are available 24/7. To contact the security service, there is an e-mail (address – [email protected]). This method allows you to attach the necessary documents and screenshots to the letter. According to reviews from real users, the average response time is 10-15 minutes.

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What is a Her Price?

In the review, we should talk about the important features that the service provides. For example, messaging does not require replenishment. Also, there are other Her free options. This is creating a profile, viewing information about other participants, receiving notifications, and the ability to like and comment on posts. But it’s also worth talking about Her subscription with premium features. In this case, the client gets access to additional tools: analysis of statistics, change of choice, an unlimited number of swipes, the ability to change the location, and other parameters. Membership at Her cost:

  • 1 month – $14.99;
  • 6 months – $59.99;
  • 12 months – $89.99.

Total Her Rating

This is the final section of the review, where we draw conclusions. The dating site is a good choice for lesbians who want a serious relationship. More than a million users are registered here, so the chances of finding a partner are really high. Moreover, the company has a good reputation and provides a high level of protection to its users. It is also worth noting the convenient and high-quality matching algorithm, wide functionality, the presence of a well-optimized mobile application, and most importantly, the ability to communicate for free.

If we are talking about disadvantages, then it is worth noting the possibility of registration only through Instagram or Facebook, as well as a small number of fake profiles. The final review rating is 8.9/10.


Is Her Safe?

The question "is Her safe" is often asked by potential customers in their reviews. This is important because we all want to find a partner and not become a victim of scammers. All personal data of Her users is securely protected using the SSL protocol. This complex dynamic cipher is almost impossible to break, so fraudsters will not find out payment information and other sensitive data. You can communicate with like-minded people and look for a soul mate without feeling discomfort. Moreover, security personnel are ready to help at any moment. You can help them by reporting the violation you see.

What Is Her?

In the review of Her, we have already answered this question. The company is a popular lesbian dating site where women can find a soul mate. It is one of the most popular platforms in the segment. There are more than a million registered users here. Most of the participants are from the USA, but there are also girls from Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. The service uses the most modern matchmaking systems, which can significantly increase efficiency.

Are There Fake Profiles on Her?

We tell the truth about Her. Yes, there are fake profiles on every dating site. This is normal. We analyzed several hundred accounts and found a couple of poorly filled and fake ones. But if you pay attention to the statistics, this is only a small percentage. Moreover, the security service quickly finds such profiles and blocks them. And most importantly, in our review, we give advice - communicate only with verified users. This way you can be sure that you will meet a real person on a date.

Is Her Free?

This is good news because the site offers a large number of free features. You can go on with Her log in and use any options. For example, fill out your account by adding photos and personal information. Also, you can view other profiles and like and comment on photos (this increases the rating of your account). What's more, messaging is also a free option. This is very convenient because you can meet love without using a credit card. However, we recommend that you also pay attention to a premium account because this way, your chances will be even higher.

Is Her Real?

Don't worry, and this site is not a scam. Because this company has all the necessary licenses and operates in accordance with local laws, also, we can note the professional security service that monitors the quality of the site and quickly blocks fake accounts. The California-based company is a great partner to help make your path to a harmonious relationship more enjoyable and convenient. Good luck!

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