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In the past, love and marriage were something that everyone was to do. People believed that one had to find someone that they love and spend the rest of their lives together. However, with time things have started to change. With the high rate of divorce cases, some people have decided not to commit themselves to anyone. You may also find that some people commit themselves more to other things like their work. Therefore such people end up opting for a casual relationship with no-strings-attached other than long-term relationships. If you are one of these people, you do not have to go to parties or clubs to find like-minded people.

Many dating sites will help you find what you seek. You can now find someone to have a casual relationship with at the comfort of your home. However, not all of those dating sites will serve you the purpose you want. Some are a scam, while others are too expensive with poor services, etc. Therefore you should be keen when choosing the site that you will use. One very good adult dating site recommended for you is the dating site. has been in the world of dating for many years now. The following review of will ignite your desire for a casual relationship.

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  • Price-performance – 8.5
  • Partner suggestion – 8.0
  • Ease of use -7.5
  • Services -8.0
  • Free features – 8.0
  • Safety – 8.0

Pros And Cons


  • It has a large number of users

The excellent services that the site provides have helped it to gain popularity across the borders. It has many members from different parts of the world visiting the site has a large user-base.

  • It has a fair pricing policy.

The site has made it affordable for anyone who would like to use it. It even gives new members a trial period to taste the site and see if it suits them or not.


  • The site is not free

To use the site and enjoy all services, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Flirt.Com At A Glance

  • Best for: both men and women who are looking for new sexual adventures. The site is not the place for anyone looking for a long-term relationship. It is also suitable for those who would want to show their flirty ways.
  • The number of members: the site has many years of experience in adult dating; hence has many numbers of users joining daily due to its excellent services. It has an extensive user-base from different parts of the world.
  • The recommended age: the site does not limit anyone from entering the sites as long as you are eighteen years and above. The site is suitable for both young and older people. You can find people who are in their late twenties and also those who are in their late fifties.
  • Favorite features: the site has many features that users can use to have an exciting time on the site. The most used features on the website are ‘flirtcast’ and ‘like gallery.’ Flirtcast feature helps you to send a similar message to all of your matches at the same time. Like gallery feature helps in matchmaking. The site will present an image of a user, and you will either click a heart button or the ‘x.’

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What Is Flirt.Com?

The site first came to the world of dating ten more than ten years ago. Even in its beginnings, the site showed a promising future. With time it has rapidly grown to become a decent adult dating site for casual hookups. The site used to be free in the past for women, but that changed. Now, both men and women must pay for the services they want to use. The reason for that change was to keep scammers away from the site. However, the prices that the website offers to users are relatively lower than other adult dating platforms. It is also one of the websites that offer the lowest price for a three-day trial for new members.

The website has managed to lure as many people as possible to join the site. It has over a million users from more than two-hundred countries worldwide. It also has more women than men. The main aim of the site is to ensure users get what they want without any scamming or catfishing. The site also provides users with a satisfaction guarantee program. The site refunds users who do not enjoy the site get to enjoy the site during the three-day trial. The site has put in place safety measures and anti-scam protectors to ensure that users are comfortable flirting.

How Does Flirt.Com Work?

If there is a dating site that is easy to use, it is the dating site. The site ensures that users have an easy time accessing the website by providing a straightforward design. The site has made log in to be accessible by not asking too much information from users. To register, you will provide the necessary details and put your password to log in. Once you log in, you will see hot women who are eager to meet with you and communicate with you. The site will then help you to find the girls who meet all your requirements and talk to them.

Flirt provides users with superb making contact and communication features to make your conversation with girls on the site exciting. The site offers users two ways for them to initiate a conversation with other users. You can decide to send them a ‘wink’ or send them a message. The good thing about is that it gives new members five free chats that you can send to anyone. Once the girls reply to your message, the site will lock those messages for you. After twenty-four hours, the website will automatically delete those messages unless you are a premium member. You will find more other exciting features, but to use them, you must upgrade your membership.

Sign Up/ Registration

For you to use the site, you must create your account, which is easy and fast. It will not take more than one-three minutes of your time. The website does not provide members with a lot of questions upon registration. Therefore you will not waste time doing minor things and hence going straight to your objective in no time. The site will provide you with a personal information form to specify your gender, gender preference, and postal code. The next thing to do for you to finish the process is to provide a valid email and your password. The site will verify your email by sending an activation link to your email address for you to log in.


Search And Profile Quality

You cannot view the profiles of other users until you complete creating your profile. Therefore it makes it a mandatory thing to create profiles on the site. Creating a good profile will help you in matchmaking. Before you upload a photo on your profile, the site first ensures that it verifies it. Therefore you will only find pictures of high quality on the site. If you feel that another user does not have an informative profile, you can request them to add more information. The flirt operators ensure that they verify all profiles to ensure they are all of high-quality. The website will use the information on the profiles to help you find your perfect match. It will also allow you to use filters that will help you find your dream girl. The site has made the searching process to be easily understandable and straightforward.


Safety is an important aspect when choosing the site you want to use. You should always go for that site that has robust security measures irrespective of its cost. The site provides users with precise safety dating advice on the term of use before signing up. You should ensure that you read them and follow them. It also carries regular checks on profiles and payments to ensure it protects users from scams and fraud. The site ensures that every user gets their verified number that proves that they are real. The truth about is that it is easy to block anyone who makes you uncomfortable or who is suspicious. The site also ensures that it takes the necessary actions to those users who are doing suspicious activities on the site.

Help And Support

The site ensures that it provides all the help it can to ensure users are comfortable on the site. It provides users with a section called FAQS section where you will find answered questions by the customer services. The customer service is only a phone call away and will be more than happy to assist you with anything.

Cost/Prices And Plans

The website uses its pricing policy to act as a security measure to chase away scammers. It makes sure that free members cannot do much on the site. Therefore if you want to feel the sweetness of the site, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership.


There is no greater happiness than seeing that you have fulfilled your dreams. If there is a site that will help you fulfill your dreams of spicing up your sex life, it is

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Is Good?

Yes, the site is suitable, especially for those who do not want to have any strings-attached relationships. The site has been present for more than ten years. Therefore it knows what the users need to ensure they have an auspicious time on the site. It provides excellent services to users, and that is why it has an extensive user-base. The good thing is that you will pay affordable prices to enjoy all the services on the site.

Why Does One’s Card Gets Billed For A Monthly Subscription Even After Removing Their Account?

Many people think that once you delete your account, you would have automatically canceled your premium membership. However, that is not the case. For you to permanently cancel your premium subscription, you will have to do it manually. Therefore before removing your account, first go to your account settings and cancel your subscription. That way, your card will not get billed after deleting your account.

Is Safe?

Yes, the site is safe for you to achieve your objectives for finding a sex partner. From the registration process, the site ensures the safety of its users. The website does email verification to all users who sign up for the site. It also ensures that there are fake profiles by verifying the profiles of members. Moreover, the site provides safety tips to users that you can follow to remain safe on the site.

How Many Messages Can One Send?

The number of messages that users can send depends on their memberships. As for those who are free members, they can send a message to other users, but there is a limitation. They can only send five messages to any users per day. The site gives women the privilege of replying to texts for free. If you want to have an unlimited number of messages, you will have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Is Legit?

Many people think the same thing that the site is too good to be real. has many success stories of people who have hooked up with each other and have had fun times. The site does everything. It can ensure that every time you talk to users that they are real. Therefore you should not worry about yourself because the site is scam-free.

What Is A Safe Mode In Flirt?

The site provides users with a feature that limits the number of members who can contact you. There are three kinds of safe mode. There is the full, basic, and off. For the full safe mode, only the verified members are the ones who can contact you. For the basic safe mode, only those members marked for suspicious activities are the ones who cannot contact you.

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