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Chicago Hookups to Light Up Your Night

Chicago is a great city for great social adventures and making new acquaintances or even friends with benefits if you would rather. There are many dive bars, nightclubs, and Chicago date spots that you would love to visit if you intend to find Chicago hookups. With a population of 2.7 million people getting hooked up shouldn’t be a daunting task.

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But, you will not get laid if your game is hitting the same nightclub night after night. You have to know the right places to get Chicago hook ups and go there so that you can make it rain in your bed every night. Here is a list of tried and tested pickup bars, nightclubs, pickup hotspots, and the best places to get laid in Chicago to improve your chances.

Best Chicago Hookup BarsTo Visit

There are Chicago hookup bars that you must visit if you want to get laid, and they are as follows:

Slippery Slope

This is a popular bar that hasn’t been in the business as long as its counterparts, but it has gained a lot of devoted patrons. It has a cocktail lounge, a dance floor, a dive bar, and a lovely restaurant to eat when you are hungry. The best time to visit this place is on Friday nights when there is a “Superfriends” dance party event. At this event, the crowds are usually overflowing with young sexy patrons. The music is usually very entertaining with a mix of R&B, Indie Jams, and Hip Hop. You will always meet someone new here and leave with them because the other person is also likely looking for a hook up in Chicago too.

The Sixth

This bar is a popular cocktail lounge that is always having crowds of excited people out for a great time. The Sixth can be found in Lincoln Square, and it is a cool and easygoing place with the most interesting cocktails you will ever see. They have an amazing drink presentation that will make you want to come to drink here again. Sexy girls flock here because of the fun and charming cocktails. You will have great conversations here, and the fine cocktails are a great topic, to begin with as you get to know your hookup better. In this friendly cocktail lounge, you will not only relax but eventually go home with the perfect hookup.

Kaiser Tiger

Kaiser Tiger is a great bar with a lot of entertainment options. It is not only a great beer garden with all sorts of tasty selections, but it also serves great food, including German-inspired comfort food. Waking into this bar opens you up to many possibilities. You will get to play bocce ball, enjoy great live music, and check out the beautiful ladies that frequent this place. It doesn’t matter what season it is, this bar is always filled with people wanting to enjoy themselves and hook up. This makes one of the best Chicago pick up bars.

Chicago Hookups

Sakura Karaoke Bar

This is a bar that makes hooking up fun. Sakura Karaoke is found in Chinatown, and it is majorly karaoke, part dance club, part sports bar, and offers a great time. Many local hookups happen here because the positive atmosphere allows it. You have the option to rent a private room once you have met interesting people to hook up with. You can also opt to hang out with the crowd and reach out to more sexy singles.

You don’t have to know how to sing to enjoy yourself. The drinks are amazing, and the bar snacks are delicious in case you get hungry. You will be happy here, and you will love all the beautiful singles surrounding you.

The Owl

This is a bar that will stay open all night, and there will be a flurry of interesting activities. It can be found at Logan Square, and it is a place where sexy singles frequent. Most people make this their stop whenever they want to go home with someone new and interesting. It is a fun spot not only for a drink but it has other interesting events that you will love, such as DJs and live concerts. Even on the quiet nights, which are very rare, there is always a jukebox belting out the best tunes. It is a great bar and a lovely place for a hookup in Chicago

210 Live

This is a great music venue which is also ideal if you want to meet girls in Chicago. You can find it at North Shore, and it is popular for its live music on five nights of the week, and the crowds are very vibrant. The music is diverse compared to most clubs which is why you will find people of all ages here. People interact here, and don’t be surprised when someone walks up to you to find out more about you. The drinks are affordable, and the ambiance makes you relax. You will love this bar, and when you walk out with a beautiful woman to spend the night with, you will love it even more.

The Best Clubs For Hookups In Chicago To Visit

The Chicago sex club scene doesn’t disappoint. There are many cool clubs that are ideal hookup spots thanks to the crowds of hot chicks in Chicago showcasing their assets and being very friendly. Here are a couple of the hottest hookup clubs that you should visit for the best sex in Chicago.

The SmartBar

Smartbar is one sex club in Chicago that has maintained its authenticity as the perfect hangout and hookup spot. In this club, it is always packed wall-to-wall all year through and for good reasons. Located in Wrigley Field’s shadow, the Smartbar has been attracting crowds since the early 80s, and it is still going strong. Their weekends are hosted by very talented DJs, and live music events also happen frequently. This place is overflowing with Chicago hot girls, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to snagging hookups. With the ladies always coming in droves, you will not find hooking up difficult in the Smartbar. It is one of the best Chicago casual dating spots, after all.


This is the city’s sexiest club. In this club, eroticism and entertainment are almost one. This is the kind of place that will get your engine revving which is why it is always packed with people looking for Chicago casual sex. If you come here the first night, you will want to come again for many nights, and each night you will go home with someone different. Found on the edge of Wicker Park, this club is sex-themed and famous for its sensual entertainment. The atmosphere of this club exudes great sexual energy, which makes it easy to interact with people and state your hooking up intentions without hesitating.

Best Daytime Hookup Spots In Chicago

If you don’t like looking for hook ups in Chicago during the night, then you have daytime options that are equally successful. Here are the popular dating spots in Chicago that will get you laid in no time.

The Coffee Lab

This coffee place is known as a Haven for lovely girls. Do you want to hook up with nerdy girls? This is the place to meet them because most of them prefer coffee and not cocktails. Most of these fine-looking cute girls are from Northwestern and spend many hours here studying, chatting, or drinking coffee in relaxation. It is a busy local spot, and if you love that coed crowd or happen to be one yourself, then you will feel quite at home here. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone. Hooking up here is a great experience which makes it worth visiting the Coffee Lab.

Dark Matter Coffee

This is a lovely place to check out girls, especially college girls. Did you know that the Dark Matter Coffee place gives most bars a run for their money because of the awesome service and the beautiful lonely women Chicago groups that flock it? It is a cool coffee shop with an interior similar to a southwestern bar. Located at Belmont Avenue, this coffee shop is the place to be during the daytime. It has become the city’s favorite spot for daytime dates, and this makes it easy to pick up a sexy single without having to wait for nightfall.

Pitchfork Music Festival

If you want all the hot indie girls then you will find them at Pitchfork Music Festival. Well, this music festival gives the Lollapalooza a run for its money. If you want to meet the hottest girls, this is where you will find them and hook up with them. Every year the indie music performances and hipster performers draw the sexiest crowds.

When you attend this festival, you will wonder who to approach because everywhere you look you will see beautiful girls enjoying themselves. Enjoy the music and also talk to some girls, you will be surprised that the very ones you talk to will also be looking for a hookup. There are many one night stand Chicago babes out here.

Best Online Hookup Sites In Chicago To Sign Up With

Sometimes you just want a Chicago hook up and feel that the whole process of going out and partying and chatting up girls is so tiresome. Maybe you just want to find a girl real quick and get down to the business of pleasure through one of those Chicago dating websites. Well, there are popular dating sites Chicago people love that you might want to look at. Here are the best dating sites in Chicago.

Adult Friend Finder (AFF)

This is the best Chicago hookup platform. You will get exactly what you want, which is getting laid. AFF has maintained consistency when it comes to delivering great hookup matches, especially for men. The platform has over 60 million active users with a good number of them located in Chicago. You will be surprised by how fast you will get a hookup because there are plenty of horny women in Chicago on this app willing and ready to meet up for a sweet time.AFF remains one of the hookup sites Chicago residents will always turn to.

Get Laid In Chicago


Tinder is great if you are young, attractive, and love hookups. The swiping feature is useful, and their matching algorithms are also very resourceful. However, you must be very hot-looking to get a response. Make sure the profile picture is enough to generate a lot of interest so that you can find the best hookups in Chicago. Tinder remains one of the free hookup sites Chicago people will keep using for a long time.

Best Hotels To Get Laid In Chicago

After hooking up with that beautiful girl, you should be looking forward to a steamy time that will leave both of you satisfied and happy. This can also be achieved when you get the best surroundings. A good hotel is what you need, and Chicago has plenty of those. Wonder no more, where to get laid in Chicago, here are some worth checking out.

  • Loews Chicago Hotel
  • Viceroy Chicago
  • The Westin Chicago River North
  • Fairmont Chicago Millenium Park
  • La Quinta Inn Downtown

Best Tips For Getting Laid In Chicago

  • Chicago is a big city, and hitting one joint night after night will not get you laid. Explore various places, especially the ones highlighted above, and make sure you interact with as many people as possible. Make sure you are having fun, this is not a recruitment exercise but a fun quest to find sex in Chicago.
  • Be smartly dressed, smell nice, be well-groomed and make sure you are attractive to the girls. If you have been working out, show off your body in clothes to flatter your figure for the best effect. Look sexy and let the girls undress you mentally.
  • Be respectful in your advances no matter the situation. Make sure your conversations are fun and pleasant should you decide to strike up a chat with a girl. Sometimes it is what you talk that gets you that hookup or not. Girls for sex in Chicago are in plenty, it is up to you to make it happen.


Chicago is an amazing city with a lot of hookup opportunities. We have seen the pickup bars, the sex clubs in Chicago, the daytime Chicago hookup spots, and some good tips to help you get laid should you make Chicago your hookup city. Remember the rules and remember to have the wildest fun you can as you seek cheap sex in Chicago.


Is Chicago A Great Place For Hooking Up?

Chicago is a great city with a huge population. The hookup hotspots are always filled with beautiful girls willing and ready to hook up. You just have to frequent them and connect with them. The Chicago hookup apps and sites are also instrumental in this. 

What Are The Girls Like In Chicago?

The girls in Chicago are fun-loving, outgoing, and so breathtakingly beautiful. They love fun guys and will hookup with the right guy who is also willing to hook up just like you.

What Should You Remember Before Getting Laid In Chicago?

Before you hook up in Chicago, remember that you are having fun. Be adventurous and make sure the person you have hooked up is having fun too as you both explore new things or redo old things to fulfill the need.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Laid In Chicago? 

Chicago is a big city, which is why it shouldn’t take you long to get laid. There are countless hookup places that you can discover for yourself. But beginning with the above, you should get laid on the first night you go out.

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